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and identify the right repair solution for each claim effortlessly

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The new way to handle car damage repairs

Our digital platform handles car damage repairs seamlessly and offers an efficient allocation process. By enabling smart ‘matchmaking’ between specific repair requirements and body repair shops’ capabilities, claim handlers can quickly identify the most suitable body repair shop for the job while taking important criteria such as availability, expertise, and price into consideration.

How it works

Step 1

1. Easy damage intake

Customers file damage reports within minutes by uploading photos in Fixico’s web app or via partner-preferred systems

Step 2

2. Digital assessment

Fixico’s systems review damage reports and enrich them with relevant data to establish clear repair requirements

Step 3

3. Accurate repair allocation

Repairs are steered intelligently or tendered in a vast, dynamic and personalised repairer network through smart ‘matchmaking’

Step 4

4. Optimised authorisation

Claim handlers review offers and authorise repairs to the most suitable body repair shop
for the job

Step 5

5. Convenient planning

Customers plan their repair appointments
on dates that fit their schedule in just
a few clicks

Step 6

6. Insightful repairs

Customers receive updates throughout the process and provide feedback which offers valuable network and NPS insight

Easy and secure API Integration

Each of our repair handling services can be directly integrated with existing systems. Our API (Application Programming Interface) is compatible with any claim and repair management software applications and is fully GDPR-compliant to protect customer privacy and company data.


Experience a fully digital ecosystem

We connect all industry stakeholders in entirely new ways.

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Trusted by 250+ companies internationally

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Benefit from digital repair

Boost customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction

Offer a frictionless repair journey attuned to today’s digital standards

Reduce cycle times

Reduce cycle times

Streamline workflows and minimise manual activities

Lower repair costs

Lower repair costs

Save costs while safeguarding repair quality

Experience full control

Experience full control

Gain unique real-time data insight at every step of the way

Old Mutual Insure Case Study
Old Mutual Insure

"With Fixico, we have lower costs, fewer cash-payouts and a much more efficient workflow for everyone involved."

Mickesh Maharaj, Head of Recoveries, Liabilities & Litigation, Old Mutual Insure

Old Mutual Insure (OMI) is one of South Africa's leading insurance companies. Our digital solution became an integral part of OMI's claim settlement process and has optimised cycle times, lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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