How to perform damage intake & other FAQs

On this page, you will learn how to upload a damage report through Fixico's web-app. Taking good photos of the damage is a crucial part of this process as it ensures accurate repair estimates. Watch this video to learn how to take the best photos:

Creating a damage report

Yes, a lot of the damage is not visible when the vehicle is dirty. This often results in a longer recovery time and higher costs.

There is no exact number, however, it is better to take 10 photos instead of just 2 photos. Please take clear overview photos from each side at a distance of 5 metres from the vehicle (the entire vehicle must be visible in the photo) and close-up photos from other angles of the damage in question. Repeat this with every damage to the car.

It is possible, but not recommended. The best way to create the damage report is via the intake app on the company provided tablets. This way, you don't have to move the photos from your phone to the computer. Keep in mind that the quality of the photos is important, and it will remain in good quality if you upload the photos directly from the tablet, rather than from the computer.

Try to photograph this damage as well as possible. If it appears to the bodyshop that there is additional damage to the vehicle, this will be taken into account. The Kwik-Fit customer-care centre will assess this damage and approve or reject the repair (depending on the extent of the damage).