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Pricing | Fixico
Billed Yearly
Billed Monthly
$ 0
24/7 Monitoring & Analyzing of the computers Registry Cleaning Disk drive defragmentation Junk files removal
Dashboard *Limited support

Mobile device management *Limited Time Only

Remote Access *Limited support
$ 1
Everything in Free, and:
Toolbars and Junk-ware destroyer Firewall management Block Malicious Sites Child Protection Restricts access to social media Dashboard
$ 3
Everything in Basic, and:
Managed Antivirus Service Automatic Computers Maintenance by IBM
  • Automatic Core Software Updates
  • Automatic OS Updates
  • Security Patches
Remote Access Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Dashboard Adding and managing other computers in your family (or your friends or co-workers) is easy. Simply select settings for them (for example for your kids - with adult content filtering) and let us do the heavy lifting. Manage all of them from just about anywhere – via the cloud. Toolbar destroyer Fixico automatically scans and allow you to remove common adware, toolbars and potentially unwanted programs from your computers. This will allow you to increase productivity while using the internet. (Need to remove more toolbars? Please contact our support with the details and we'll see what we can do.)
Access computer directly from a browser One click connection. Manage your remote machine as if you're in front of it. No additional software, full web-browser functionality. (Windows only) 24/7 Analysis & Monitoring Fixico is always on the job: monitoring, diagnosing and analyzing your computers 24/7, looking for anything that might hurt performance or compromise security. In most cases we fix things automatically and invisibly. Occasionally we will need your input and we will notify you. You will be able to take action with a click of a button.
Substantially reduces PC crashes and freezes Crashes and freezes are caused by viruses, spyware, registry errors, faulty unpatched programs. Fixico is all about smooth performance, discreetly taking care of all of these. Adult content filtering Got kids at home that like to surf the web? We offer several levels of protection - from hardcore adult content to questionable non-family friendly sites, we provide the level of protection you and your family require!