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About Us | Fixico

About Fixico

Meet the wizards behind the curtain.

What is Fixico?


30 years after personal computers were introduced people are still being bombarded with endless messages asking them to update this, allow that, block or unblock something or other. Our objective, therefore, is to enable people worldwide to use their computers to work, play, learn – instead of wasting time figuring out computer problems, performing maintainance, installing updates, getting rid of junk files, defragging and managing antivirus, antispyware and anti-adware programs. We want your computers to work safely and smoothly, worry-free.

Fixico is like having a mini IT guy in your computer that works 24/7, never eats, never sleeps, and is always making sure that your computers are running smoothly, efficiently and safely - without bothering you.



Fixico is an expert IT management solution enabling consumers and small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy the same computer performance and security large companies enjoy. Based on IBM®®’s end point management technology (IEM), Fixico provides highly targeted, automatic, real-time identification, investigation and resolution of hardware and software issues. By combining the best IT practices and technology of IBM®’s enterprise-grade solution, streamlined for consumers and small businesses with an easy to use interface, Fixico enables anyone to enjoy secure, cost effective, efficient and worry-free computer operations.


Cloud IT-All Ltd.
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Herzliya , 46725